In a Nutshell...
The endocrine system is composed of organs that produce hormones.  Hormones are chemical messangers in the body.  Target cells receive these hormones, and each different type of target cell has a different chemical receptor.

​The main job of the endocrine system is to maintain a stable internal body by directly releasing hormones into the bloodstream.  It regulates things such as metabolism, sexual development of a human being, and also works to maintain water balance and sugar and calcium balance in the bloodstream. 

​The endocrine system does not respond to stimuli as fast as the nervous system, but it has the ability to respond within minutes of the stimuli with longer-lasting effects when compared to the nervous system.
A quick summary of the endocrine system...
Quizzes and Animations on the Endocrine System: (This is a general quiz on the endocrine system)

/student_view0/chapter20/animation__blood_sugar_regulation_in_diabetics.html(This is an animation about diabetes) (This is an animation in-depth about the piuitary gland and the hypothalamus) (Quick, basic general endocrine system quiz)​​


Endocrine System Diagrams