The Endocrine System
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FAQ's About the Endocrine System
Q: Which life function is the endocrine system most responsibe for?

A:  Regulation.  The hormones produced by the glands involved in the endocrine system​ help regulate bodily functions all the time.

Q:  How does the endocrine system help maintain homeostasis in the human body?

A:  The endocrine system releases hormones from glands in a negative feedback system that responds to stimuli (changes in the environment).  Therefore, it is helping to maintain a stable internal environment despite external changes (aka, homeostasis!).​​​​  Here is an example of negative feedback system in the endocrine system to help improve understanding:

Q:  Which other body systems does the endocrine system interact with and how?

A:  The endocrine system technically interacts with mostly all of the other body systems!​​  Its hormone secretions influence several other of the human body's activities.  For example, the endocrine system interacts with the immune system when the adrenal cortex releases corticosteriods
to help regulate it.  Also, the endocrine system interacts with the nervous system when hormones called endorphins act on the nervous system to belittle feelings of pain and discomfort.
By Emily Patchell